Which colors dye well?
Color preferences are so personal!  I have also found that what looks good on me changes as I achieve certain age.  I loved wearing reds when I was younger, but now find I look better in beiges and more muted colors.  That certainly doesn’t stop me from wearing my favorite colors - teal and turquoise - but now in smaller doses.
If you are dyeing for a large garment for adults, you might want to start with a ‘fawn’ or ‘tan’ colored yarn. This dyes to richer, more natural colors than our ‘white’ (which is really a ‘winter white’—it’s sort of a cream). The white yarns will give you clear, true colors. When dyed, The tan or ‘fawn’ colored yarns produce more subtle shades.
The basket of yarn is an example of several colors. The bright pink at the top left and the bright yellow (next to the baby blue) were dyed with white yarn. The rest are on the tan yarn (see the skeins in the lower left?). As you can see, the tan yarn produces lovely, subtle colorings that are flattering to most people.
Middle right is a picture of our white vs. our fawn colored yarns. When we say ‘colored’ we mean the natural color of the fleece. It has not been dyed. The bottom right picture shows all the natural colors alpaca fleece can be!
As for how to dye your yarn, there are many web sites on the internet to show you how. For starters, you’ll probably enjoy the simple and great results you get from Kool-Aid™! Visit our “Projects & Examples” page to see how our white and fawn fibers look after dyeing.
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