Excellent quality in fiber is of utmost importance to me. I have been knitting since I was a teenager and breeding alpacas for over a decade. The knitting yarn I produce shows a commitment to breeding for the best fiber production and the knowledge of what discerning hand knitters are looking for when they select yarn for their treasured projects.
Award-winning yarns
Like you, my time is valuable and I put great thought and care in selecting the right yarn for the project particularly when I am knitting for gifts for friends and relatives.  I want the yarn to feel great slipping through my fingers as I knit and feel luxuriously soft when worn and look terrific for years.  
This dedication to fiber excellence starts with my alpaca breeding program.  When I began, I purchased the highest quality foundation females available and then sent them all over the country to the top-quality studs who had won the most awards nationally for their outstanding fiber and have produced offspring who have also won awards for their fiber.  
When I say “top-quality” this is not a casual sound-bite I throw around lightly. These studs represent the highest-selling bloodlines in the nation. Some have sold for over $200,000! So the parents of our alpaca fleeces have award-winning genetics.
Each year I test and record the fiber my animals produce. I continue to strengthen my herd by promoting the best of the babies I have bred into my foundation stock while looking for and breeding to proven winners to enhance next year's offspring.  My goal is to ensure that each year's crop of babies is better than the previous year!
I still enter competitions today with my alpacas, my alpaca fiber and the yarn that I produce.  Winning the awards is another measure of how I am meeting my objective of producing top quality yarn for the hand knitter.
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